Robert Stickgold, a professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, suggests that  if you repeat three times the phrase “remember your dreams” for a period of two weeks before going to sleep and you note down whatever you remember as soon as you wake up, then you’ll probably start not only to dream on a regular basis, but also remember your dreams.

I myself rarely dream when I sleep. And indeed, I wouldn’t hesitate to try the professor’s method. However, the highly vivid and nostalgic dreams that constantly accompany my sleep lately, after a really unforgettable hospitality experience that I was fortunate enough to live and enjoy at Cape Sounio Grecotel Boutique Resort, lead me to the conclusion that the professor’s almost autistic method may not be necessary for someone in order to be able to dream.

People say that first impression is always pivotal for everything. And the main gate security guard’s disarming smile could not but incline me towards a very special welcome. The unpretentious courtesy of the reception staff “caught” me from the first moment. Later on, they saw me to a beautiful open-air porch with comfortable sofas and I was offered a passion fruit scented homemade lemonade. It was as if they had foreseen my desire for something refreshing.

As soon as you find yourself inside the luxurious Cape Sounio Grecotel Boutique Resort, you instantly realise how much importance has been given to the strict implementation of the sanitary protocols, which creates a sense of safety to the guests, especially in this period of time. The check – in is digitally completed by the guest via mobile phone or tablet – that’s exactly what I did, too – with simple steps. The hotel staff is always available to guide you through the procedure. In this way, the physical contact is minimised and the necessary procedures upon arrival are easily completed.

Electric vehicles are used in order to transfer the guests to the 150 bungalows, villas and suites of the resort. With one of these vehicles I got to enjoy a tour around the facilities of Cape Sounio Grecotel Boutique Resort, at an area of 300 acres on the edge of Sounion National Park. All along the drive, I felt like I was at a well-tended suburb with clean streets, neat pathways, stone set of steps, elegant residences and luxury villas with private pools arranged amphitheatrically, that reflect the overall aesthetics of the resort, which is evidently inspired by the unspoiled natural environment of unique beauty. At every step of the way, my senses were captivated by herbs, trees and flowers and the   breathtaking view to the sea and the majestic Temple of Poseidon constantly caught my eye. Spectacular images that enchant and are permanently impressed on the mind.

Suite No311 was meant to be the “anchorage” of my stay. The first thing that overwhelmed me when I got in, was the sunlight that brightens the entire suite. Thanks to the architectural concept that dictates the window-wall “embracing” of the suite’s largest part, every corner of the suite is bathed in sunlight. A welcome treat awaited me patiently on the glass table of the sitting room: a wonderful rosé, accompanied by some delicious sweet shortcrust bites with fruit filling.

It was a matter of time before the sense of absolute privacy caught my attention, due to the space arrangement, as well as the possibility to enjoy the unhindered view even while lying on the king-size bed of the suite. The earthy colours on furniture and fabrics – a characteristic of all types of residences at Cape Sounio Grecotel Boutique Resort – are in effortless harmony with the metallic touches, the elaborate decorative items and the innovative lighting, creating an ambiance of sheer relaxation.

Beige marble and light coloured wood dominate the spacious bathroom. The fragrant amenities and the fleecy towels and bathrobes attribute an additional ambiance of luxury to the elegant lavishness of the suite. I walked out to the terrace with the boho style sun beds and let myself to be carried away for quite some time by the summer sounds of the cicadas and the view of the huge palm trees that sway their branches at every gust of wind and invite you to join their “dance” around the main sea-water pool of the resort.

I wandered around the outdoor spaces of Cape Sounio Grecotel Boutique Resort and decided to follow the tunnels – these were old creek beds, as I found out later – that lead to the two stunning isolated beaches, a pebble beach and a sandy one. Both beaches are organised with umbrellas, sun beds with comfortable mattresses, private gazebos and strips of hair grass, lentisk and laurels. While enjoying the ultimate calmness, I had the chance to swim into bright blue waters and try some refreshing cocktails and fresh fruit.

I definitely believe that sunset is the most beautiful time at Cape Sounio Grecotel Boutique Resort. At that moment, when the sun hides behind the Temple of Poseidon, the fountains of water and fire create a gripping visual rainbow of colours that overwhelm your senses. The breeze and the sound of waves at the beach led my steps to Yali restaurant, at the water’s edge, for a magnificent journey of Greek flavours with emphasis on fresh fish and fine seafood. The fresh grilled sea bream “enchanted” my palate!

The following evening, Cape Sounio Grecotel Boutique Resort’s executive chef, Sakis Tzanetos, prepared a 7-course meal exclusively for Grec Voyage, reaffirming his excellent talent and gastronomic mastery, as well as Grecotel’s internationally acclaimed tradition in fine dining. The refreshing and savoury «White grouper tartar with mango, avocado and lime”, the fully balanced and luscious “Fennel cream with grilled shrimp”, the original and of different textures “Tomato trilogy with gruyere, almonds and herbs”, the masterfully grilled “Sea bass with celery puree and tarragon sauce” and the ambrosial “Beef tenderloin with asparagus, foie gras and truffle sauce” left a memorable  impression on me and achieved an impressive reset of my taste buds. As for the dinner’s closure, pastry chef Themis Chardavellas executed a real recital of food styling and “forbidden” sweetness with his exquisite “Chocolate croccan with ice-cream” and his painting-like “Éclair”.

I definitely owe a great “thank you” to the people who decisively contributed into filling my stay at Cape Sounio Grecotel Boutique Resort with wonderful pictures and a scent of authentic Greek hospitality: Mrs Eleni Chouridou, Senior Communication Executive of Grecotel group for our top-notch collaboration, Mrs Mary Karassouli, Guest Experience Manager at Cape Sounio Grecotel Boutique Resort for the spectacular tour around the resort facilities and Mrs Vassiliki Tourtouni, Regional Sales & Revenue Manager Attica / Mykonos / Larissa for the warm welcome, promptness and useful tips.

During my short stay, I realised that Cape Sounio Grecotel Boutique Resort is constantly redefining itself. It doesn’t rest on its laurels and its longstanding presence in the hospitality sector, but it adapts itself  with an exemplary promptness to the varying conditions and to new trends, accomplishing an enviable consistency in the quality of its services and broadening its clientele range on an ongoing basis.

One last thought. Each and every one of us is important, no matter how he/she feels about it. In any case, one thing is for sure: at Cape Sounio Grecotel Boutique Resort, they make you feel important. And that’s thanks to the people of Grecotel, the philosophy of Grecotel group, which regards the Greek hospitality with seriousness and diligence and imparts this mindset to its perfectly trained staff. I felt all that to the full. Thank you very much, all of you and I can’t wait to live this magic dream again. Soon.

Edited by Giorgos Poniros

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