The Atlantis and the “minor” island, according to Plato. The separate piece of land that Triton, son of Poseidon and Aphrodite, created between Crete and mainland Greece. The careless sailor Euphemus and the clod of earth that fell into the sea and “gave birth” to the island Calliste. Myths and stories that try to answer the eternal enigma concerning the creation of one of the most famous islands in the world. Not quite an ordinary “food for thought” during an air flight, one would argue. Thoughts that cannot be tamed, thoughts that define you. However, it was as if something would gradually prepare me for the magic that I was about to live in a truly mythical land.

A white Tesla waited patiently outside Santorini Airport to pick me up. The polite driver welcomed me to the island and we set off for our destination. While enjoying the journey to the beautiful Oia, I began to realise that Andronis Group takes premium service very seriously and makes it clear from the first moment, even to the most sceptical guest.

Have you ever felt that, just by making one step, you can enter into another world, another reality, in parallel to the one that the rest of the people live? Sounds far-fetched, but that’s exactly how I felt when I arrived at the entrance of the 5* “Andronis Arcadia” hotel, which features an impressive pebble mosaic on the ground. One step was enough to feel as if I was about to enter into a whole new world, a world at its own pace.

The smiling people working at the reception desk, their sweet manners through every word and gesture, the blistering service and the ease of completing all necessary procedures upon arrival, instantly “caught” me, reinforcing the excellent impression that I already had. Because – let’s be frank – people are the most important investment for a hotel complex. And at “Andronis Arcadia”, they apparently know that well. The reception lounge is bright and elegant, with comfortable couches, light-coloured furniture and a panoramic sea view. The guest is offered a comprehensive first look into the particular aesthetics philosophy of the hotel complex. Minimalist luxury without compromises.

Later on, I got into a mini electric vehicle and during the short tour around, I let my eyes wander along the outdoor spaces of “Andronis Arcadia” with the pink and red bougainvilleas surrounding the beautiful alleys and the golden-brown long grass with its distinctive shape “decorating” the rooftops of the whitewashed buildings. We arrived in front of a spectacular suite, where I would be staying for the next three days, the Sunset Suite No209. Hearing its name, I turned and looked at the incredible view and from that moment I began counting the hours until the sunset.

The amphitheatrically built luxury suites and villas of “Andronis Arcadia” offer a magnificent view to the Aegean Sea from every corner. While guests relax on the comfy sun beds and the spacious patio, or swim in their private all-day heated infinity pool, or even lay on the king-size bed of their suite or villa, they constantly feel that the pool water merges with the sea and the horizon, like a child’s painting with spontaneous brushstrokes of blue, cyan and azure. And, as I was about to find out towards the moment of sunset, this palette would be enriched with unique colours.

The simplicity of spatial planning and decoration inside the suite, demonstrates that you can create something impressive, without necessarily “making noise”. The clean and plain lines, the natural materials, the mild fluctuation of earthy tones, the spacious rooms and the overall functionality, highlight a hard-to-find aesthetically appealing luxury that consciously abstains from the pretentious and exaggerated selections. The wide window wall that separates the suite’s sitting room from the patio and the private pool, guarantees natural light all over the suite, throughout the day. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that privacy is ensured thanks to the evidently meticulous architecture of the hotel complex. I found Andronis Group’s application for mobile phones and tablets, Andronis App, to be particularly convenient and easy to use. Through Andronis App app, guests can check-in, communicate with the reception desk, ask for room service, book their favourite wellness session or therapy at “Andronis Arcadia’s” Evexia Spa, make reservation at their favourite restaurant, even check out the menu in advance!

Early in the afternoon, I got the opportunity to take a tour at the luxurious “Andronis Arcadia’sEvexia Spa, a nonpareil wellness centre, where I had the chance to learn about all the available face and body therapies, the different kinds of massage, the yoga and fitness sessions, as well as the new wellness concepts that are being planned for next season. The highlight and one of the most popular experiences that Evexia Spa offers, is the exclusive – and very special – therapy called “The Water Path”, that you should definitely try there.

A few minutes before sunset, I walked down the all-white alleys of “Andronis Arcadia”. The geometrical patterned lattices and the fragrant flowers would accompany every step of my stroll. My destination for the first night would be the Opson restaurant. The grey staircase leads to a wide rectangular veranda in two levels. The sophisticated curved metallic shelter with the colourful rambling plants “embraces” the upper level, protecting it from the unpredictable “mood” of the Aegean winds, while the enchanting sea view from every table makes Opson restaurant the ideal overlook for the most beautiful sunset in Oia.

The menu at Opson restaurant is inspired by the Ancient Greek cuisine and this particularity caught my attention from the very beginning. Opson’s distinguished chef Stefanos Kolimadis, proposes three outstanding degustation menus (Ambrosia, the food of Gods – The Love of Wisdom – The Mediterranean Triad) and introduces a free interpretation of the Ancient Greek flavours in modern times, based on ingredients and dietary habits of the ancient times. The comprehensive explanation before every dish, with historic and cultural references, decisively contributes to a complete gastronomic experience. I chose the wonderful “Ambrosia” menu and I particularly enjoyed the delicate “Sunset of Santorini” (marinated duck egg yolk with sweet peas and a light sauce with Morel mushrooms), the gradually intense “Santorini Land & Sea” (smoked eel with petimezi and Santorini yellow fava), the profoundly Greek “Golden Red Mullet” (red mullet flavoured with Greek saffron, dusted with olive and bottarga powder), as well as the ambitious “Oriental Tales” (quail cooked in two ways: breast with hints of coriander and cardamon, resting on bed of cracked wheat – legs with flavours of herbs and topped with dates). A bold and original project, with creative combinations and luscious surprises, which utterly fascinated me and drives the notion of fine dining to another level.

Executive Chef Stefanos Kolimadis

The sunrise in Oia is as magic as the sunset. Breakfast at “Andronis Arcadia”, however, turns the beginning of a day into a one-of-a-kind experience. In a welcoming bright hall, overlooking the main infinity pool of the hotel complex and the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, guests can enjoy a vast variety of local and international selections and flavours from a complete and carefully designed à la carte menu. A very interesting and imaginative concept is the wooden trolley, that always smiling Evangelia pushes from table to table, offering different kinds of yogurt and a wide choice of toppings, such as fresh nuts, healthy cereals, tasty dry fruit and honey of exceptional quality. The flavour of the exquisite Croque Madame that I tasted at “Andronis Arcadia’s breakfast, reminded me of that marvellous Croque Madame I had once enjoyed at a beautiful brasserie in Montmartre, Paris…

The second evening, my steps led me to the stunning Pacman pool bar – restaurant. I knew in advance that this is the most photographed – Instagrammed space of the hotel complex and I had high expectations. It’s an emblematic place with unhindered sea view, which sums up the philosophy and aesthetics of “Andronis Arcadia”. Boho style ambiance, mid-tempo lounge music, airy lighting, elegant couches, large wooden sun beds with mattresses that seem to float on water. The updated bar looks as if it emerges from the huge infinity pool, creating a surrealistic and unique set. All these elements together and each one of them separately contributed into enjoying one of the most unforgettable sunsets of my life, while having a great cocktail, before dinner.

Pacman pool bar-restaurant has two cuisine choices: Sushi and Greek. I decided to choose from the Greek cuisine menu and I was delighted by the selection of flavours from various regions of Greece. The respect towards original traditional Greek recipes and the discreet “pairing” with creativity, become apparent on every dish that you order. The possibility to choose where to enjoy your dinner, either sitting along the pool or at Pacman’s indoor hall, is an advantage that you rarely come across. Some of my favourite dishes from the Greek menu, were the juicy and crunchy at once Dakos (Cretan rusk with tomato and Feta cheese), the herb flavoured Skopelitiki Tiropita (deep fried cheese pie with Feta cheese, anthotiro and vinegar with honey and dry fig), the tender and delicious Beef Chicks (slowly cooked with mashed potatoes) and the perfectly cooked Shrimps (with orzo and tomato sauce). The exemplary service and the wonderful atmosphere left a great impression on me.


My personal experience into the marvellous world of “Andronis Arcadia” has been the greatest ending my summer could have. A fascinating journey with three very special companions. Without their support, I could never have shared so many magical moments. I would like to thank Apostolos Tigkelis, Director of Sales at Andronis Group, for his unreserved attention and help throughout the preparation of our journey, Maria Katsikea, Sales Executive at Andronis Group, for her tireless presence and the extraordinary tour at “Andronis Arcadia” facilities and Maria Tsekoura, Marketing Manager at Andronis Group, for the impeccable cooperation and the useful suggestions. Thanks to you, I got to live my own myth in a truly mythical land! 


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