The sun, the stones and the beautiful crystal clear waters are the ones that embrace your eyes once you set foot in Mani peninsula. Every region inebriates you with its magnificent images. But it definitely invites you to countless plunges into bright blue waters, creating an exotic scenery.


Areopoli’s Limeni is one of the regions that for sure will leave you speechless and you will want to capture with photos every single corner of it. At Limeni, you won’t come across the typical sandy beach with sunbeds, but you will find rocks that create natural pathways and all along merge with the turquoise waters. Just above, you can choose from a variety of taverns and enjoy the freshest fish that you have ever tasted.


Very close to Kardamyli and after you walk down a small verdant pathway, Fonea’s beach merges with the blue of the horizon and invites you to countless plunges. If you don’t have a beach umbrella, the great rock that divides the seashore in two parts will offer you the best natural shade for several hours.


Kalogria beach has nothing to envy from the organised beaches of the large islands. The sand seems like an endless golden carpet and the waters resemble the blue of the Cyclades. Comfortable sunbeds, water sports and many options for food and drinks, make Stoupa beach one of the top destinations for the most demanding visitor.


It’s a beach where you can enjoy your coffee lying on a sunbed, without the noise of a bustling seaside. The fine sand and bright blue waters will satisfy both swimming fans and water sports lovers.


If you are tranquility enthusiast, then this is the ideal choice for enjoying your swimming in Mani. There are traditional stone built houses all around and right on the front you will find a beautiful pebble beach and waters where you can discover all shades of blue.

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