Santorini. The island that has left its imprint in the hearts of thousands of tourists across the world. The images that this place offers, could be compared to the most expensive jewel that is always shiny.

People say that if you don’t gaze at the sunset of Santorini, you cannot claim that you have known the Aegean Sea.

Andronis Group, with 15 years of experience in tourism, in Santorini and Athens, aims at respecting and showcase the magic of this place with “Andronis Arcadia”, the newest addition of the company. At a heartbeat away from the picturesque Oia, elegant and minimal residences with 5* hotel facilities, in absolute harmony with the island’s environment, are ready to welcome guests and offer them relaxation, comfort and privacy.

This summer, “Andronis Arcadia” introduces the “Pacman Sunset Restaurant – Bar”. A new gastronomic journey begins, in a place that offers so many pure ingredients, that they could not but being showcased by Andronis Group.

Pick your favourite table in a place with boho-chic aesthetics and let your glance travel to the – each time – unique trajectory of the sun towards the sunset. In front of a majestic pool that becomes one with the blue of the sea, enjoy selected varieties of sushi, as well as unique creations with fresh fish. We particularly liked the fish fillet with zucchini spaghetti pasta and wild fennel sauce and of course the special dish with Osietra Caviar & Blini. The specialised personnel is always available to respond to your questions about the menu.

The chef and his team redefine traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes with inspired combinations of flavours, raising even higher the level of expectations this year.  The Pacman Sunset Restaurant – Bar is by itself a destination that hides its own flavours and images. Discover them during a journey that you will never get bored of.

Discover Andronis Arcadia & Pacman Sunset Restaurant here

Edited by: Giorgos Poniros – Yiannis Panagopoulos