At the GB Roof Garden Restaurant of Hotel Grande Bretagne, flavors unfold the creative imagination and rich experience of the awarded Executive Chef, Asterios Koustoudis. Along with Chef de Cuisine Nikos Mavrokostas, they create year-round an imaginative menu, based on the Mediterranean culinary tradition. 

Fine dining philosophy, using fresh seasonal ingredients has always been a fundamental priority of GB Roof Garden’s menu. For this reason, the talented Chefs took a step towards domestic sourcing for the creation of the new menu, exploring the bountiful harvest of the Greek countryside and sea. With absolute respect for seasonality, they pay tribute to the Greek producers in an effort to support and honor their value. Fresh seasonal ingredients are utilized for the production of the new dishes, with emphasis on organic locally sourced products of small producers and food provenance specially denoted on the menu card.  

Smoked eel from Arta, Messolonghi bottarga, buffalo Burrata from Kerkini, Arcadian wild truffle, traditional pasta from Tripoli, Greek black swine, Greek rare lamb breed and organic Greek beef are only some of the local specialties of GB Roof Garden’s new menu. In addition, the menu recipes with fresh and marinated fish change daily according to the catch of the day. 

This is a small effort to promote the vision of sustainable gastronomy in our country, featuring home-grown seasonal produce and highlighting the principles of sustainability through creative gastronomy.

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Editor: Yiannis Panagopoulos   Translation – Text Editing: Giorgos Poniros