In the mindset of most people, for decades, Tinos island may have been synonymous to religiousness and to a same-day visit to the Holly Church of Panagia. Indeed, Tinos emblematically holds its relation to religion, but at the same time it is an island that – keeping up with the religious aspect – can also become an “Apocalypse” for visitors. The truth is that all these years, the island has remained detached from the interventions of mass tourism. It has skipped the waves of tourists, the falsely interpreted development and the temporary-  but negative – publicity. Yes, this has happened to other islands of the Cyclades and the consequences can become fatal in the course of time and may even have already appeared! 

During a quick search on the internet, the international search results about Tinos island are more and more numerous. Editors of various media mention that the island represents “the original Cyclades”. It’s the cultural scenery of Tinos, the works of nature and its wonderful people. It’s all this mixture that makes a destination – and even more, an island – the ideal destination. It had been years since my last visit to the island. And now, a few days after the lifting of quarantine measures, I find myself again in Tinos. I’m taken away by these beautiful little chapels all over the island, I admire the rocky mantels and the dry stones. To my great satisfaction, I notice the wilfulness of the people to make the best use of every part of this fertile land. I see little tomatoes, fresh onions and vegetables cultivated with little water, which is however enough to fill these local products with unique flavour.


I stand for some time in front of a pigeon house of Tinos, while I walk up one of the beautiful pathways of the island. “Taking up” a one-of-a-kind course on traditional architecture, this walking across the island finds a special place in my heart and mysteriously brings me back the mood for discovering during the journey. In the meantime, sitting around a table, I taste the delicious “fourtalies”, the island’s unique variety of cheese, tasteful salads and exquisite recipes of local gastronomy. 

In this environment, very few are the things that can pair in harmony. Every new entry demands attention, imposes respect to the island itself and discretion. In the afternoon, I arrive at the entrance of Diles & Rinies. The endless view to the Aegean Sea captures your glance. Instantly, though, the careful selection of every element, the harmony of the space layout and the level of services will ground you to a calm, relaxing and unique universe.

Diles &Rinies is situated at a peaceful area, only 4 km from Tinos’ port and 5 minutes by car or 20 on foot from the endless sandy beach of Agios Fokas, within a area of 10 acres, planted with olive trees, vines, flowers and herbs. Diles & Rinies is composed by 8 villas of exceptional aesthetics, environmentally friendly, with unhindered view to the Aegean Sea, some of them equipped with a private pool. There is also a special area with an infinity pool for organising events, a kitchen with dining facilities, a pool bar, an art gallery and a wellness kiosk.

Apart from an elegant accommodation destination, the idyllic area of the main pool of Diles & Rinies is an ideal place for enjoying breakfast, refreshing drinks, high quality wines and a variety of delicious meals and snacks.

Villas with private pool


The accommodation at Diles & Rinies Resort residences – all of them with a marvellous sea view – offers an unforgettable experience of carefreeness and relaxation. Discover the magic of simple luxury, discrete service and privacy. Except for the impressive infinity pool in front of the reception area and the pool bar, some of the villas have a private pool. These villas are ideal for families, groups of friends and couples. Diles & Rinies residences (100 -180 m2) have 2 – 4 bedrooms, 3 – 4 bathrooms (most of them en-suite) and have the capacity to host 4 – 11 persons.

An Ideal Facility for Hosting Events

Right across the dazzling island of Delos, the enchanting view to the Aegean Sea, the peacefulness and that special light in the whole area, offer at Diles & Rinies Estate the ideal scenery for an unforgettable wedding, a christening or a special party or business event.

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Editor: Dimitris Stathopoulos   Translation – Text Editing: Giorgos Poniros